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"Excellent service!!! They scraped the weeds out of the edges & did an all around excellent job of sealing our driveway for a very reasonable price. Communication and customer service was excellent, calls were returned promptly and the appointment was booked very quickly. Highly recommend."
"Asked them if they had availability for an appointment the very next day. Luckily they did and did a great job. Very clean, no over spray. I asked them to put the sealer extra thick, since I was debating between spray or squeegee method. The said it would cost more, which I had no issue paying for. It wasn’t that much extra.
They finished the job within an hour. Great experience."
happy homeowner
"They did a great job sealing our shared driveway with our neighbours and at a very fair price. The gentleman went as far as removing weeds that were popping from underneath the existing concrete before the work began. That shows the care they put into the work."

"They showed up within 3 days of requesting a quote, and even matched the quote I got from the other sealer. I liked that they did a nice clean job next to my interlock, they took the time to build a clean small ramp and even added some asphalt to the bottom of the driveway for me (which took time and patience).

Happy with the results and I plan on recommending them to family/friends or neighbours."

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